Why Handmade Flower Pots Make the Best Gifts and How to Shop For Them?

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Handmade flower pots are a special gift for friends, family, or even as a special treat that you buy yourself. Of course, you can go to the center of the garden and find lots of machine-made pots, but handmade pots are a better choice for most people because they can be specially ordered in any size and color you want.

The sheer diversity in color, style, and shape will always be much greater with handmade pots. It is also a good idea to support American artists by buying handmade pots made here at home, rather than shipped from abroad, brought by most garden centers and mass retailers. To know more about the classic plant pots, you can browse the web.

There are a number of things you want to look for in your handmade pot. First, make sure that the pot has been glazed and fired in the incinerator. They will last longer and are better able to withstand changes in temperature than clay pots that haven't been fired.

At that temperature, chemically bound water molecules are separated from clay particles. These clay particles fuse together and ceramic objects change permanently. Before transformation, when clay objects are put back into the water, the clay particles will be tucked (broken) and re-dissolve into water.

Second, you should look for pots that already have drainage holes in them to allow moisture to come out. This is important for the health of your plants, because planters without drainage will tend to retain water and create conditions that are too wet which can cause root rot, a fungus condition that is usually fatal for most plants.