Which Factors Determine The Cost Of Hair Transplantation?

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Hair restoration is a complex cosmetic process and has pushed many people towards this treatment because of effective results. The cost of the transplant depends on a number of factors, but it depends mainly on the number of follicles needed to cover the bald area. 

The cost of hair restoration for the same bald area will vary from clinic to clinic. You can check out ‘hair transplant price via poseidon-klinikken.no/priser’ ( which is known as hrtransplantasjonspris via poseidon-klinikken.no/priser’ in the Norwegian language).

There are different factors on which the cost of hair transplantation depends and some of them are described below:

Number of transplants

The cost of hair transplant depends mainly on the number of transplants needed to cover baldness. If the bald area is larger, it will take a lot of grafts to cover the bald area and vice versa. 

hair transplantation treatment in Norway

Graft area

The hair restoration area is another factor determining the cost of hair transplantation.If the area for which a hair transplant is to be performed is large, it will cost more and if the area for which a hair transplant is to be performed is small, it will cost less.

Number of sessions

If the hair transplant is a Giga session, it will cost you more. As a general rule, hair restoration up to 3000 hair follicles is performed in one sitting. But if more hair follicles need to be implanted, the number of sessions can be 2 or even 3. As a result, the overall cost of the transplant will be high.

You need to be wise while choosing a hair transplantation surgeon. You can take reference from online resources.