Understanding The Fundamentals Of Child Custody

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The majority of so-called "horror" divorces usually involve one of two scenarios: the number one scenario is one in which the spouses own a very profitable business and the divorce litigation involves disputes over the valuation of the business; Scenario Two is where spouses have children together and divorce litigation turns into a dead-end battle over how to assess the child care issue.

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If you read this article and you or someone you know is dealing with a child custody case, you are in the right place. Below you will find valuable information on the fundamentals of childcare.

Below you will find a list of four fundamental factors of childcare. We hope that you will read the list below and that, after gaining a practical understanding of the fundamentals, conduct independent research to help you understand the legal aspects of child care.

The life situation of each parent

The living situation of each parent is a very important factor as children need to be comfortable each time they spend time with each other.

The age of children

The age of your children is a factor to consider: are children young? are the pre-adolescent children? or are they teenagers?

The children's preference

Once the children are over a certain age, they will be able to tell the judge what their preference is for child care.

Fundamental number four: the relationship of each parent with the children

Having a strong relationship with children is important for each parent. When challenging the custody of the child, the nature of the relationship between each parent and the children will be addressed.