The Ultimate Guide to Lighting Solutions for Your Home

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There is such a vast range of lighting available in the stores today, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when designing our own schemes. If you are planning a home makeover, lighting should be part of your overall scheme. It doesnt have to be over-complicated, though you can make it so if you wish. Often the correct choice of fitting for the situation is all you need to enhance the decor or create different moods in your rooms. As you will see in this article, sometimes basic functional lighting is best.You can check this site to get more information about it.

We will take a glance in each room in your home and suggest some lighting solutions that you may wish to consider using in them. Lets work from the top down.


Fluorescent fittings are well suited to the dark, dingy, loft. Long fittings will lower the chance of shadows being created by the roof trusses. If your loft is to be converted then recessed ceiling lights will be a good choice especially where headroom may be limited in places. The fittings come in halogen or led varieties. The led fittings use less power than the halogen fittings and thus generate less heat, so they are a good choice.


Task lighting to the sides of the dressing table mirror is always useful in the bedroom. This can be in the form of fluorescent tubes or, more ideally, led lights. Apart from the main light on the ceiling, table lamps or wall lights can create a romantic atmosphere or be useful for reading.


Recessed halogen lights will reflect off your bathwater and bounce around the room giving a magical effect. It also helps chrome taps and fittings gleam like they are new. Fluorescent light with integral shaver socket will be handy over the bathroom mirror.

Living Room

Any of lighting except for fluorescents can suit your living room depending on your taste. Use downlights, table lamps, wall lights, alcove lighting or track lighting. The choice here is yours.


Use lighting under the wall cupboards to illuminate your counters. Fluorescent tubes or led fittings are ideal here. Halogen track lighting will give a good working lightly as will a couple of linear spotlight fittings.

Recessed downlights also suit kitchens as they are so versatile. Fittings are available for being mounted within glass-fronted cabinets too. If you have an extractor over your cooking hob, it will probably have built-in lights so take those into account when deciding the level of illumination required.


The garage is often used as a workshop too. There is no need for fancy fittings here; fluorescent fittings are the answer. This comes with one caveat, however. Are you aware that fluorescent tubes turn on and off at the rate of fifty times a second? Imagine if you had a piece of machinery such as a drill, that was rotating at exactly the same rate as the tube flickered. The drill would appear to be standing still. The same would go for engine parts rotating at fifty times a second. It is called the stroboscopic effect, and though you are unlikely to have a problem with it, it can, and does happen, so it is best to be aware.

So there you have it; how to light your home from top to bottom. Im not suggesting you do every room at once but if you make the lighting scheme a part of the decorating when it is due, you can achieve stunning results. It really isnt all that difficult.