Promotional Plastic Pens: The Pros and Cons

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The purpose of marketing is to get potential customers familiar with your brand. Promotional plastic pens do precisely that, serving as excellent business event giveaways. Pens, flyers, and videos are marketing tools that get people acquainted with your logo and mission statement. Custom plastic pens are price effective, easy to distribute, and useful to the consumer in their daily lives. Unfortunately, pens are unable to display a lot of information about your company. Keep reading below to learn more about some of the pros and cons about promotional plastic pens.

image of promotional plastic pens

Price Effective

Basic custom plastic pens usually cost around 44 cents per pen, which is cheap compared to banners, professional marketing video, or hand sanitizer giveaways. Printed pens give you just enough space to print your logo and you one line mission statement. It is a cheap way to get people familiarized with your logo and brand.

Easy to Distribute

Pens are not like flyers, where you have to force people to take them. Pens are easy to carry around and bring to business events to pass out or display at a booth. The majority of people love getting things for free, so of course, people are going to be attracted to taking a free promotional plastic pen that they know they will use for work or for completing other transactions.

photo of colourful plastic promotional pens

Daily Use

People use pens every day, so it is perfect for getting your brand out there. If the user of the pen is at work, co-workers or clients may ask where they got that pen from. If users are also using it during transactions, you could potentially reach dozens of people with that one pen. There doesn't even have to be a conversation invoked, as long as others see the logo and read the statement, it may lead them to look up your company online.

Pen Space

An issue with pens is the lack of real estate on them. You are unable to convey what exactly your company does. So if a company associate isn't present when a person picks up the pen or if a stranger sees someone using your pen, they may blow off a logo and vague mission statement that they have never seen before.

photo of plastic pens

Promotional plastic pens are cheap, easy to distribute, and a continuously used item.