Massage Therapy Careers Today

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Massage therapy careers have the potential to provide a positive work environment, flexible schedules, and profitable income. Because doctors often recommend massage therapy to patients today, candidates with "hands of healing" can continue their massage education at one of several accredited massage therapy schools. You can get to know more about massage therapy in Etobicoke via visiting

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In a massage program, students get direct instruction in a variety of health-related sciences such as anatomy, physiology, and musculoskeletal pathology. In addition to general biosciences, the healing arts school will regularly extend CPR training and first aid, as well as muscle testing (kinesiology).

Some of the more centralized curricula involve studies such as reflexology, chair massage, and meridian therapy. While each education program varies, the normal length of the massage course will range between 300 and 500 hours.

However, with the expansion of integrative medicine, more and more health schools have begun to increase the hours of training to more than 1,000 and in some cases can provide degree programs in medical massage or massage therapy. Candidates who successfully complete all the required courses and clinical training achieve certification, diploma or degree.

Massage practitioners help patients relieve pain and other chronic conditions using various techniques of bodywork and touch therapy. But besides helping to heal, massage therapists also help clients to improve blood circulation, improve overall health and for relaxation purposes. In addition, many massage patients often report an increase in energy levels.

A good aspect of work as a massage therapist is that besides getting a valuable sense of helping others, massage practitioners have the opportunity to work on cruises, holiday retreats, day spas, health clinics; and in a large number of other related health facilities such as hospitals, primary care clinics, and chiropractic offices.