Learn About Lucid Dream Meaning

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Some people have reported that experiencing these conscious encounters while sleeping is fun and exciting. This is because they could do things which they have never done before without the consent of society. They do not care about their surroundings because they are aware that nobody sees them. In the first place, they are just aware that they only are dreaming. In this article, we will learn about lucid dream meaning.

Experts say that lucid dreams are not dangerous at all. However, this is quite risky especially for those mentally unstable people. For example, if you have some intrapersonal struggles and interpersonal difficulties, you would most probably keep some negative feelings about yourself. Through your dreams, if you hate someone, you can fight with him or her without realizing it.

Meaning to say, negative feelings are encouraged in these scenarios. Mentally irrational and psychopaths could do whatever they want in these situations. As a result, they were able to demonstrate their irrational behaviors more and more ever time they go to sleep. If emotions are becoming too extreme and excessive, then they might experience sleep paralysis. This is the dangerous one.

When your emotions get too attached by the scenarios inside your dream, you will have a hard time reconnecting to reality again. This would allow you to fully indulge yourself in your sleep and not wanting to wake up again. Your brain and heart would react to these conscious stimulations and thus, it will fully operate according to cues. It will increase your heart rate and make your body more tensed.

Those people who are suffering from heart conditions should not try these stimulations because their illnesses might worsen. Meaning to say, if you are a type of person who loves experiencing these scenarios, then you must make it sure you are mentally stable and physically healthy. In that way, you can sleep safely. Excessive emotions may affect your actual physical senses.

Some theorists have claimed that our dreams are really relatable to our real life emotions. However, some theorists also criticized these claims because they reported that these encounters are only a product of our creative imaginations and random thoughts. This is most especially when our body is very tired but our brain is still active. However, these claims could be prove true in both aspects.

There is nothing wrong about wanting to treat yourself even when it happens during your sleep. Some people would be very excited to fall asleep so they can dream of their loved ones. When the scenarios will not match their wanted expectations, they can repeat it again the next evening. This cycle could often be addicting and interesting.

A lot of researchers are interested about these occurrences. They want to find out what these dreamers are actually feeling during the entire experience. Thus, some scientists and doctors would proceed to MRI scans while the patient is experiencing these brain stimulations. In this way, they can monitor their neurotransmitter activities.

Our neurotransmitters are responsible for our brain stimulations and our feelings. Our mental state is a hundred percent dependent on these neuron activities. Therefore, whenever a volunteer dreams about something, they will put them inside an MRI scanner. With that, scientists would know the risks and benefits it does to our health.