Importance of Shoes for The Healthy Feet

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It is a common trend in our modern life to accept the best things just like that. Whether it's fast food, cell phone, or something as sweet as a bottle of mineral water, we have absolutely no idea about the warnings that come with the product packaging. 

The increasing amount of research is emerging about the problems that are so commonly associated with long-term use of shoes that are too supportive and positive heels. 

There are many alternatives that you can choose to provide comfort to your feet without allowing your health to be affected. 

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Medical science has found that for optimal health, we must spend at least half an hour regularly with bare feet. 

Not doing so coupled with inappropriate footwear choices can affect our health more than we might realize.

One of the most important steps to choosing your healthy footwear is to choose the right shoe size.

If the shoes are too small, you risk leaving your toes out of the edges while choosing one that is too big to endanger arch support on your feet.

A rule of thumb that must be followed is to make sure that you leave a centimeter of space around the area of your toes and heels. Consult the size of the chart to find out which is best for your feet.