How to Pick a Great Wine Based on Flavor, Taste and Aroma?

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When it comes to picking up a nice bottle of wine, then there are 3 factors to consider. These 3 factors are flavor, aroma and taste and they are related to each other. However, as related as they are, there are differences between them. It is important to learn the differences and similarities that will help you to pick up the best wine possible.

  1. What is Taste? Taste is where the action happens to the senses of tongue and mouth. It allows an individual to understand the interaction between food and drinks when consumed. The tongue consists of 2 types of receptors where one is called as taste-buds and the other is called as mouth-feel. Mouth-feel is all about understanding the textures of a wine while taste-buds is about differentiating sweet, bitter, sour and salt differences.
  2. What is Aroma? – An odor or smell that can only be described by the nose is called as an aroma. The receptors present on the nose are what help to sense the compounds coming from the odor. Based on wine, the alcohol content carries odors that helps in describing the odor of the wine.
  3. What is Flavor? – A mixture of taste and aroma makes up flavor. Our brain is capable of differentiating various taste, texture and aromas that can be either a positive or negative experience of the wine.

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