Choosing the Best Rug Weaving Repair Service

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Weaving and repairing carpets can be confusing especially if you are not sure what kind of damage has happened to the rug or what is expected from the repair service. Find out how to identify the most common types of damage and find quality providers of Oriental carpet repair services.

1. Dry rot damage:  Dry rot is one of the more common forms of damage that might require services from professional carpeting and rug repair services. Dry rot often resembles a worn area that looks very faded or bald. Depending on the level of damage, the carpet might require minimal attention to stop dry decay or it could be a total loss.

2. Water Damage:  Water damage can make smooth carpets look dull and lifeless and smell bad. Depending on the level of repair, water damage may be extensive but often a good investment with amazing results.

3. Holes & Tears:  Older carpets may have holes, tears, rips or other structural damage that require the expertise of professional carpet weaving experts. Never trust a good rug for someone other than a great weaver it takes years to gain the experience needed to recognize the exact methods and constructs needed to match structural repairs appropriately.

4. Lost Fringe:  This general complaint is an unnecessary disorder that is easily corrected by a knowledgeable professional. Experts will be able to match the edges of the old rug with the same color, consistency and period to restore the tapestry back to its original beauty.

5. Stains and Spills: Stains and spills require careful cleaning to ensure fine fibers are not damaged. Ask about your oriental rug that is cleaned and repaired at the same time.