Augmented Reality and 3D 360-Vision

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We need a better vision system for the battle room; 3D 360 degree augmented reality devices will solve many problems. This device can be very useful in wartime when flying helicopters and much has been learned and many innovations have taken place with the HUD in flight.

While awareness of 360-degree information is valuable, even more, valuable will be a separate awareness of information. You can look for branded augmented reality apps online.

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If you study Zen and the masters of that level of thought and awareness, one can have full awareness 200 meters on any side of the road during the trip, this will certainly be beneficial if you walk through the forest with hungry lions and tigers.

It will be just as important to you if you are in heavy traffic on a freeway, crossing an intersection, walking down a dark alley in the city center, patrolling Baghdad or playing sports. People might equate it with being in that zone. And with new infrared devices, sonar, heat sensors, it is possible to have all this and more through devices, which interact, interpret and transmit data to the brain for users.

So the human-computer component interface can make us better at what we do. Now, what if we take all these devices and put them on us when we motivate ourselves in this new 5D environment?

It may also be done by using a beam projected parallel to the ground or slightly tilted and reflecting other waves from the artificially made ceiling.